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Marie Outtier
4 min readNov 6, 2018

2 years ago, I wrote a blog post announcing the beginning of our startup adventure, with this simple idea:

Because data analytics is a huge pain, we want to build a software which behaves like a data analyst, using AI.

Unlike traditional dashboards where the user needs to pull data manually, Aiden, our assistant, will do the analysis, report results, and proactively make changes to improve performance.

It was the very start of

Bootstrapping: Our first “office” . A co-working space, part of UCL, where we felt like home, on a budget! Thanks Guillaume Bouchard for the tip!

We were a founding team of two, passionate about natural language processing, machine learning, and its unexplored applications in the business world.

It took another 6 months from that moment for us to secure our first pre-seed investment. And then things accelerated.

In the last eighteen months:

  • We built a tech product from scratch.
  • Ran a private beta with top spending mobile app marketers
  • Grew from 2 founders to a team of 10.
  • Closed a seed round.
  • Had 2 babies. (One for each co-founder :)).

Each bullet point is a story of its own. And today, the 6th of November 2018, is a special day for us.

We have 2 announcements to make:

1. We are launching our AI-powered marketing analyst!

We think dashboards are a tech of the past, and that the future of analytics lies in virtual assistants who can extract actionable insights, and make recommendations from your marketing data.

Forget the stress of analysing your data. Aiden does it for you and tells you what to do next.

We tested this approach in beta for the last 18 months and are now ready to open up the product to more users.

If you are a B to C mobile app marketer spending a minimum of $50k a month on user acquisition, across multiple ad networks: Aiden is here to help.

Aiden plugs onto your paid advertising data, constantly learns and proactively makes actionable recommendations that marketers then approve or reject.

Aiden doesn’t just detect opportunities for improvement. He actions the changes on your behalf in Facebook, Adwords and all your advertising channels

Aiden is like having another person on your team, 24/7.

Feel free to ask for a demo here or email us at

2. We’ve closed a seed round of $1.6 million to fuel the company’s rapid growth and internationalisation

Thanks Mike Butcher for covering the news in Techcrunch!

The team in our London office, near Angel.

None of this would be even possible without the support of our investors.

This round was led by Partech, and are privileged to be backed by angel investors with deep domain expertise, such as Sophia Bendz, Partner Atomico, who previously led marketing at Spotify for 7 years and Nicolas Pinto, founder of AI startup Perceptio which was eventually acquired by Apple.

Reza Malekzadeh, partner at Partech and early VMWare employee, will join our board of directors in addition to Sekip Can Gökalp who has been with us since the very beginning and has been critical to our development.

Here’s how Reza talks about Partech’s investment in our team:

“We believe is building an innovative solution for marketers at precisely the time it is needed most. Marie and PJ’s vision for the future of data and analytics harnesses the recent advances in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing to create a tool that is set to change the way marketers do their job.”

To ensure that Aiden provides accurate and actionable insights that can actually make a difference to our users, we have also invested in a team of user acquisition experts to review and refine all insights generated automatically.

This last round brings our total funding to $2.3m, after an initial pre-seed round of $750k in March 2017.

I’m beyond proud of what the team has achieved so far, and am excited for the next 18 months ahead.

Leave a comment if you want to be the first ones to join the journey!



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